Nasal Endoscopy

Nasal Endoscopy: How do we look into your nose / sinuses? 


When you come to the clinic with a nose or sinus related problem, the doctors may want to perform a nasal endoscopy. This is a diagnostic procedure using sterile small cameras to look through the nostrils. This may allow your doctor to: 


• Obtain drainage for culture 

• Evaluate previous surgery, scar, openings, masses, polyps, causes of blockage 

• Evaluate healing or complications of surgery 

• Ebtain specimens / biopsy for pathology evaluation 

• Remove old blood, foreign material, packing, scabs/scar/blockage 

• Educate you and others: We can use video glasses / TV screens to show inside also 

The doctor or the nurse may spray your nose to make the procedure easier. The spray is a combination of Xylometazolin (to shrink tissue) and Lidocaine (to numb). This spray does taste bad and can cause teeth/throat numbness that wears off in about 20-30 minutes. Some patients may also have a sensation that they can’t swallow – do NOT panic – this will pass. Two words you need to remember during this procedure: 

“Ouch”: allows us to know where it is tender

“Sneeze”: allows us to get out of the nose quickly 

A few patients experience significant discomfort/pressure during the procedure. We will stop if this occurs.  The video glasses/ TV Screens allow you to see and can decrease the anxiety related to this. Less than 5% of patients faint/get queasy also – called a vasovagal reflex – we will put these patients chairs back and allow them to relax for a few minutes and this goes away.