Post-Op Instructions

Discharge Instructions & Information

  1.  Avoid straining, lifting or heavy exercise for 2 weeks after surgery
  2.  Gentle nose blowing can be started 3 days after surgery
  3.  If you need to sneeze, do so with your mouth open
  4.  Plan to take 5-7 days off work (this may be longer in some cases)
  5.  Do not travel by air for at least 2 weeks after surgery. Sinuses can take up to 12 weeks to heal completely and scarring may occur if irrigation is not carried out and proper postoperative care is not taken. It is essential that you irrigate as directed below in your order for a successful outcome to your surgery. Start your first irrigation tonight, then twice daily, three times if possible for 1st week then see Dr. Fahad Alasousi . Please put one drop of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo in each rinse.
  6. If instructed to do so by Dr. Fahad Alasousi, also add one ampule of Pulmicort in each rinse. See instructions for using  Nasal Sinus rinse.

What is normal to expect after surgery:

  1. A little bleeding from your nose, especially when irrigating
  2. Internal nasal swelling or congestion
  3.  Feeling fatigued, tired, nauseated or stomach upset from the general anesthetic or pain killers (Should not continue for more than 3-4 days)
  4. Slight tenderness in the nose and cheek area
  5. A Slight headache
  6.  You may have a spacer or splints placed inside your nostrils that will be removed on your first post-operative visit.

Please email Dr. Fahad Alasousi or head to the nearest ER department if you experience any of the following:

  1. Fever and/or chills
  2. Severe facial pain or severe headaches and/or dizziness
  3. Facial swelling or eye swelling
  4. A Strong flow of nasal bleeding or ongoing oozing that will not stop or clot.